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Studio Edge
Studio Edge


This stunning 'hole in the wall' fire creates a visual delight in any living space. Its central feature is a modulating single ribbon of living flame that dances above a bed of white stones or glass beads or through a realistic log-effect display.
Additionally, any white stone models can be retro-fitted with any of the red, clear or black glass bead fuel effect options to create a new stylish look.

The Studio Edge is for those who require minimalist modern perfection. The fire has an eye-catching no-frame* design, with the option on the Open Fronted Studio fires of a polished black granite interior lining. The mirror-like qualities of this lining reflect the continuous motion of the flames. Glass Fronted versions that incorporate the white stone and glass bead fuel beds have enamelled linings as standard.



  • Sequential Remote - Open fronted
  • Thermostatic remote - Glass fronted
  • Linings
    Black Steel (Open Fronted Standard)
    Polished Granite (Open Fronted Upgrade)
    Black Enamel (Glass Fronted - White Stones or Glass Beads)
    Black Reeded (Glass Fronted - Logs)
    Vermiculite (Glass Fronted - Logs)
  • Fuel Beds
    White Stones
    Glass Beads - Red, Clear or Black
    Logs (Glass Fronted only)
  • Efficiency
    Studio 1 - Open 25%
    Studio 1 - Glass Fronted 70%
    Studio 1 - Glass Fronted Balanced Flue 81%
    Studio 2 - Open 25%
    Studio 2 - Glass Fronted 78%
    Studio 2 - Glass Fronted Balanced Flue 81%
    Studio 3 - Open 25%
    Studio 3 - Glass Fronted Balanced Flue 81%


  • Gas


  • Black


  • Rated output
    Studio 1 - Open 1.72kW
    Studio 1 - Glass Fronted 4.85kW
    Studio 1 - Glass Fronted Balanced Flue 5.20kW
    Studio 2 - Open 2.30kW
    Studio 2 - Glass Fronted 6.85kW
    Studio 2 - Glass Fronted Balanced Flue 6.97kW
    Studio 3 - Open 3.40kW
    Studio 3 - Glass Fronted Balanced Flue 7.30kW