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Products → Premier Gas Fires → Corner Bell XXL 3

Corner Bell XXL 3
Corner Bell XXL 3


The new Bellfires Corner Bell 3 gas fires doubles your enjoyment. This is because you can see them from two sides, left or right. A fire that is more than worth the investment.

Details make the difference
As details make the difference, Bellifres engineers have devoted a great deal of care and attention to the. finishing of the Corner Bell 3 gas fires. Those opting for a corner fireplace can choose from two frames. Standard Hidden Door frame of 4.2 cm creates a perfect, minimalistic finish. Hidden Door+ 10cm frame is available as an alternative. This wider frame borders the glass on all sides, so that a single unit is created with the surround.

Black glass
Corner Bell gas fires have three types of interior: slats, a flat steel back wall or - new - black ceramic glass. Ceramic side walls and back walls create a perception of extra depth, emphasising the intensity of the flames.



  • Efficiency 85%
  • Balanced flue
  • Thermostatic remote control
  • Bell wifi module option
  • Interior
    Steel panels
    plain background
    ceramic black mirror
  • Fuel bed:
    wood Logs
    grey stones
    white marble shingles
  • Convection casing: option


  • Gas


  • Black Glass


  • Rated output 2Kw - 10Kw