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Horizon Bell Medium 3


Bellfires proudly presents the gas fire range for the upcoming
season – Horizon Bell 3. Stylish, horizontal gas fires with mutually
enhancing high quality design and high quality technology. From
XS to XXL, including several see-through fireplaces, Bellfires
produces modern, wide gas fires for every room.
Hidden Door frame
The Hidden Door principle was especially developed by Bellfires
in order to give modern fireplaces as minimalistic a look as
possible. Typical features are the black screened glass borders.
Recently introduced Hidden Door 3 concept now has extra features
the +frames: Hidden Door 3+ 7 cm, Hidden Door 3+ 10 cm and
modernised Hidden Door 3+ 10 cm with stone platform. These
+frames of 7 and 10 cm enable gas fires of the Horizon Bell 3
range to be installed with a very neat and minimalistic look. The
reveals around the glass pane make these +frames part of the
fireplace itself, thereby emphasising the experience of the fire and
the spectacular flames more than ever.
Floating platform
The gas fires with the Hidden Door 3+ 10 cm frame combined with
a stylish stone platform are something special. This platform and
the fireplace form a single unit, but the platform seems to float.
The floating effect is created by a niche under the platform that is
sprayed in the same colour as the fireplace. Air for convection is
drawn in through this niche. An additional advantage is that the
controls of the fireplace can be placed here, out of sight.


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Thermostatic remote control