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What the Log Burner Rule Change Means for You: The UK’s 2023 Environment Plan

If you’re a log burner user in the UK, you might have heard about the 2023 Environment Plan and wondered what it means for you. There has been a lot of misinformation about domestic woodburning in the media recently, suggesting that it might be banned altogether. In this article, we’ll clear up any confusion and explain everything you need to know about the new rules and regulations around woodburning.

What is the 2023 Environment Plan?

The 2023 Environment Plan is the first of the five-yearly revisions set out in the Environment Act of 2021. It contains ten environmental goals and outlines how the UK can achieve them in the years to come. One of these goals is Clean Air, which includes steps to reduce air pollution from domestic burning. You can read the full 2023 Environmental Improvement Plan on the GOV.UK website.

Will your log burner be banned?

No, the new limits in the Environment Plan are for manufacturers, not for homeowners. As long as you follow local smoke restrictions, you can continue to use your current stove. However, if your stove is outdated, upgrading to a modern, eco-friendly Ecodesign model will be a more efficient and less polluting option.

Can you still buy a log burner?

Absolutely! The new Environment Plan does not ban the sale of log burners. However, if you live in a DEFRA Smoke Control Area, there will be stricter manufacturing limitations for stoves that produce less than 3g/hour of smoke emissions. Manufacturers must comply with the new emissions standards, but the new limits only apply to stove models built after a certain future date.

Our support for the plan

We support the government’s efforts to reduce air pollution from domestic burning and move towards more sustainable methods of heating. Unauthorised smokey fuels and inefficient open fires have been causing air pollution problems for decades. We are a trusted solid fuel supplier and provide stoves from only the most reputable and sustainable manufacturers in the UK. We recommend upgrading outmoded open fires and also welcome bans on fuels with high sulphur content, as well as restrictions on the sale of wet wood.

Care for the environment

The new Environment Plan reflects the importance of authorised fuel, a modern appliance, and a skilled installer. As an industry-leading supplier, we are committed to developing awareness of proper burning practices and continually improving our appliances.


In conclusion, the 2023 Environment Plan is not a ban on log burners. The new limits are for manufacturers, not homeowners. You can still buy and use a log burner as long as you comply with local smoke restrictions. However, upgrading to an eco-friendly stove is a more efficient and less polluting option.

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